Track Of The Day: Gaffa Tape Sandy – ‘Meat Head’

Having recently charmed crowds at The Great Escape, as well as playing at Glastonbury last year, Brighton-based Gaffa Tape Sandy are becoming fast favourites here at GIHE. And we can’t get enough of new single ‘Meat Head’.

Propelled by jangly hooks and the honey-sweet vocals of Catherine Lindley-Neilson, building to the raw, angst-driven power of the chorus, ‘Meat Head’ addresses the assumption some people feel they have over other peoples’ bodies. Addressing rape culture head on (“My body is my body it’s not yours to confiscate… I can’t live in a world where you can break somebody and get away with it.”), it’s a massively infectious, energy-fuelled anthem that carries with it a poignant, and pointedly relevant, message.

With ‘Meat Head’, Gaffa Tape Sandy have shown themselves to be not only creators of fun-filled summer delights, but a necessary voice at a time when as many people as possible need to be encouraged to speak up against all that’s wrong with the world.


Mari Lane

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