Track Of The Day: Caswell – ‘Lie To Me’

Following the success of her previous single ‘Everyone Knows’, Caswell gifts us a new release in the form of her latest insightful track ‘Lie To Me’ – a stripped back, electro-pop offering which sees Caswell wondering whether ignorance is in fact bliss.

Having taught herself piano at a young age, Caswell’s passion for her craft is apparent in ‘Lie To Me’. Via soulful vocals, Caswell reflects upon a time when the world seemed a simpler place, due to the lies which were told to her – “Lie to me, like a child again, wish the world were as it was then” she implores. A strong electro beat reflects the determination of Caswell’s potential political undertones, creating a poignant and truly luscious soundscape. 


Although Caswell released her EP Shadow Aspects as recently as late 2017, the sparkling splendour of ‘Lie To Me’ has us in keen anticipation of future releases.

Nicky Lee Delisle

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