Track Of The Day: Dream Nails – ‘Merkury’

Fast becoming known for their sparkling combination of activism and catchy tunes, GIHE faves Dream Nails are back with another formidable offering.

Perhaps less political than previous hits like ‘Deep Heat’ (a hex on Donald Trump) or ‘Vagina Police’ (a reflection on how women’s reproductive rights are still being controlled and restricted), ‘Merkury’ is a tongue-in-cheek take on the adverse effects of the planets misaligning and causing havoc in our everyday lives when Mercury Retrograde strikes.

A fun-filled disco-punk banger, it flows with sweeping honey-sweet vocals and shimmering melodies alongside groovy basslines, creating a truly infectious intergalactic delight. Accompanied by a wonderfully spacey, psychedelic video, ‘Merkury’ once again showcases Dream Nails’ glorious empowering spirit and sunny energy; giving us hope and motivation at a time when we desperately need it.

Of the track, the band have explained:

..a Mercury retrograde lurches us all into crises like a toxic ex walking back into your life uninvited. This song is a lesson for those who don’t know what havoc it can cause. Consider yourself warned!” (Anya Pearson- bass)

… astrological phenomenons like this are sometimes the only way to make sense of our fucked up world. They’re comforting”. The spelling isn’t a typo, it’s a play on slang word “merk”, which means to beat or kill.” (Janey Starling – vocals)

So, watch the new video for ‘Merkury’, and unite with Dream Nails in their wonderfully inspiring Feminist Punk Witch cause.


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Laura Palmer


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