Track Of The Day: Salvation Jayne – ‘Cortez’

Formed back in 2013, alt-rockers Salvation Jayne have been fast building a reputation for their engaging live shows and gritty sound. Now, following tracks such as ‘Juno’ and ‘Burn It Down’, they’ve released a brand new video for single ‘Cortez’.

Inspired by TV shows such as American Horror Story and Dexter, ‘Cortez’ oozes a thrashing, raucous frenzy as the immense power of Chess Smith’s vocals soar alongside racing, riotous riffs and pummelling beats. An energy-fuelled classic rock anthem, it’ll blast into your ears and leave you longing for more of Salvation Jayne’s edgy sounds.

Watch the wonderfully creepy new video for ‘Cortez’ now:

‘Cortez’ is out now. Catch Salvation Jayne playing for us live at The Finsbury on 9th November – event info here.

Mari Lane

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