EP: Weekend Recovery – ‘In The Mourning’

One of GIHE faves is stumbling back out of their debauched weekend state to bring a banging follow-up EP to the album, Get What You Came For, which came out earlier in the year. Indeed it’s so, the Kentonian punk-pop four-piece Weekend Recovery is back with four brand new tunes and EP, In the Mourning, to get pulses racing.

The crunchy, clashy guitars on opening track, ‘Bite Your Tongue’ pull you in from the get-go, setting the track up for a metal song only to be answered with lilting vocals and the walk-down riff from one of Pearl Thompson’s sordid nightmares, switching back to a Buckethead dream out of nowhere. It’s brill and sets the EP up perfectly.

With the following track being the EP’s title one, it’s in prime position to become one you keep going back to. Weekend Recovery have stuck to their guns, to what they’re good at, producing up-tempo, gurgling-guitar, persistent percussion and wickedly crooned hits. ‘In The Mourning’ may well be the highlight track.

After that comes a pair of great songs that take a different path, one that might hint towards what will be next from the band whose stage presence has rocked us and The Finsbury to its core. On the one hand, ‘On My Knees’ is the EP’s track that most sounds like it would have also made a fab track on the album. On the other, closing track ‘I’m Not That Girl’ is a maudlin, lamenting rock ballad with damn inspiring near-country harmonies throughout its chorus that, not gonna lie, makes us excitedly ponder, “What’s next?”.

In The Mourning, the new EP from Weekend Recovery, is out 27th September.

Em Burfitt

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