Track Of The Day: Varley – ‘Lonely Were The Days’

With last single ‘Roamer’ reaching #23 in the Spotify Viral Charts, Berlin-based international band Varley are following its successful footsteps with the luscious sounds of their latest offering.

Reflecting on the ever-growing demands of today’s society from the effects of social media and the pressure this puts on a whole generation to “be something”, ‘Lonely Were The Days’ is an instantly infectious slice of dreamy alt-pop. As pulsating beats propel the track alongside the shimmering splendour of front woman Claire-Ann Varley’s vocals, a captivating soundscape is created, leaving you no choice but to bask in its glorious, glistening glow.


Catch Varley playing for us live at Notting Hill Arts Club on 1st December alongside Alyss, Elsa Hewitt and Temples Of Youth!


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Daniel Eisenlohr


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