Track Of The Day: Laura Gibson – ‘Domestication’

Following beautiful tracks such as ‘Empire Builder’ and ‘Damn Sure’, acclaimed artist Laura Gibson is now ready to release her new album Goners later this month. In the meantime she has shared a poignant new single, ‘Domestication’.

Questioning the things we are presumed to desire from womanhood, ‘Domestication’ oozes a delicate emotion as folk-strewn twinkling melodies flow alongside Gibson’s raw, soaring vocals. With the addition of sweeping strings, it’s filled with a rich musicality and subtle passion, creating a sparkling, cinematic splendour that is truly spellbinding.

Of the track, Gibson explains:

“… at times, though I know better, I’ll catch myself thinking in terms of what I should desire of womanhood instead of what I actually desire. I catch myself feeling I am failing at something, at some ideal I was never actually aiming for. I finished these lyrics a year ago. It’s strange to release the song now, when it feels so much is coming to a head. So much has cracked open for women, in the year since writing ‘Domestication.’ So much remains the same… Though I’d meant ‘domestication’ in the animal sense, when it came time to make the video, I liked the idea of using the term in the homemaking sense. I’d been obsessed with this photo I’d found of the pastel women of the FLDS cult, and wanted to build a world and a story around the aesthetic, something like the speculative societies of Margaret Atwood or Ursula Le Guin. At the end of the story, I wanted the women to act like wolves.”

Watch the eerily poignant new video (co-directed by Gibson and Alicia Rose) for ‘Domestication’ here:

Goners, the upcoming album from Laura Gibson, is out 26th October via City Slang.

Mari Lane


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