Interview: Young Romance

We’ve been big fans of duo Young Romance ever since they charmed us with their completely dreamy sounds and ethereal splendour playing for us live at The Finsbury in 2016. And so this week, we were super excited to hear the announcement of their spellbinding second album Don’t Look.

To celebrate the good news, our Nicky had a quick catch up with the duo.

Welcome back to Get In Her Ears, we’re all excited about the release of Don’t Look! We’ve seen that it’s another self release?
Thanks, happy to be back! Yes, it will be released via Banquet Records again which worked really well for us last time.

In what ways would you say it differs from your 2016 debut, Another’s Blood?
This record was made with a different approach to our debut, and probably reflects a bit more what our live show has become. It’s a bit more raw but has the same pop sensibilities than the last one has.

Are you hoping to embark on another extensive tour for the album release?
We’ve had a release show this week at The Social in London and will be playing an in-store at Banquet Records on Tuesday 6th November, but we are hoping to tour more extensively next year once the record has settled in a bit!

What was the deciding factor in forming a band together in the first place?
We had been in bands together prior to Young Romance, and when those came to an end we continued to write songs together but weren’t actually looking to form a band at that point. I think after working on the songs it was a kind of natural progression wanting to try them live, and it just went from there really.

Do you both have different artists / bands which you draw inspiration from?
We both have a fairly similar taste in music, but there will always be places where we differ. I think we generally meet in the middle on things and that’s where the songs come from.

Heartbreak seems to be the running theme throughout your releases so far, how far do you think music can heal us?
I really find it interesting with music that two people can listen to the same song and take completely different meaning from it. There is nothing greater than immersing yourself in a song, whether it is to wallow or to dance, and it transcends where you are at that moment and I think that can be incredibly healing.

Huge thanks to Young Romance for answering our questions! 

Don’t Look is out now via Banquet Records. Buy here

Photo Credit: Niki Parr


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