LIVE: The Lovely Eggs @ The Scala, 28.10.18

Ever since being completely blown away by Lancaster duo The Lovely Eggs at Indietracks Festival this summer, I’ve been absolutely desperate to see them again. And so it was with excitement that I headed to The Scala to do just that last Sunday.

Following an energy-fuelled set from Mush and the spot-on wit and social commentary of Rob Auton (a refreshing first time I think I’ve seen a spoken word artist/stand up supporting a band at a gig), Holly Ross and David Blackwell take to the stage. Kicking off with the scuzzy, racing force of This Is Eggland’s ‘I’m With You’, the duo’s immense punk-infused spirit and explosive sonic fusions continue throughout.

As Ross informs us that this is day ten of a ten day tour with a five year old son in tow, she blows her nose, takes a swig of Strongbow and confirms that she’s not standing for any of “this arm-folding shit” at the front, encouraging us all to dance and let loose – it is a Sunday night after all. Becoming my ‘new hero’ at Indietracks in the summer, tonight – with this refreshing honesty and no-fucks-given attitude – the title remains firmly hers, with all her brash, inspiring charisma and no-frills-yet-empowering presence.

Continuing with whirring hooks, and immense, thrashing beats, a swirling, psychedelic cacophony is created as tracks such as ‘I Shouldn’t Have Said That’ and ‘Magic Onion’ ooze a wonderfully eccentric, relentless energy. And, as the uplifting lo-fi fuzz and anthemically catchy spirit of ‘Hello I Am Your Sun’ and ‘Wiggy Giggy’ fill the venue with a mass of bouncing, singing fans, an infectious sense of joy spreads throughout as David and Holly play the two sides of the room off against each other.

With their blunt realism and scathing retorts to all the dickheads out there, The Lovely Eggs stand out as one of the most relevant bands around (and one of the most exciting to see live), echoing the feelings of the many, with the subtle social commentary and refreshing cynicism of the likes of ‘Fuck It’ and ‘People Are Twats’. Without being explicitly political, the message and poignant relatability behind each offering creates a tremendous feeling of unity amongst the crowd; the duo appearing to be able to word what’s in our heads in a perfectly concise and witty way.

There is a moment of explicit political realness and urgency, however, when Holly talks about The Lancaster Music Co-op’s pending eviction – a non-profit making community organisation that has been providing music rehearsal rooms, equipment hire and recording facilities to the people of Lancaster and surrounding areas for the past 33 years, the co-op recently received an eviction notice from Lancaster City Council. So, Holly and David are amongst many names in the industry currently fighting to save it and raise awareness to help fight the eviction – sign the petition here.

Closing the set with the frenzied, riotous energy and spiralling (seasonal) magic of ‘Witchcraft’, The Lovely Eggs have once again delivered a truly impressive and utterly immersive set, leaving me eager to make it a hat-trick and catch their glorious offerings and honest charm live again very soon.

Mari Lane


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