Track Of The Day: Eckoes – ‘Without Prejudice’

London based artist, and particular GIHE fave, ECKOES follows beguiling ‘Blue Deep’ and ‘Black And Red’ with a brand new offering.

As glitchy, throbbing beats and glistening hooks flow alongside her deep, resonant vocals, ‘Without Prejudice’ is a completely spellbinding slice of emotive alt-pop. With her magnificent, empowering passions, ECKOES oozes a delicate, haunting grace, creating a truly bewitching soundscape.

 Of the track, ECKOES explains: “‘Without Prejudice’ is the sobering realisation of inevitable, imminent loss. Looking at where you’re standing and knowing that it’s impossible to stay here any longer. Then looking out into the void in front of you and wondering how you’re going to do this. Again.”

Watch the hypnotic new video for ‘Without Prejudice’ here:

Mari Lane

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