Track Of The Day: Noga Erez – ‘Worth None’ (feat. Camerata Orchestra)

If you thought Tel Aviv-based producer Noga Erez could be labelled predictable, think again. After her two knockout releases in 2018 – ‘Bad Habits’ and ‘Cash Out’ – the pop renegade has returned with a reworked version of her acclaimed 2017 album, Off The Radar. Titled RaDaR Reworked, Erez has teamed up with Israel’s esteemed Camerata Orchestra to create classical versions of her contemporary songs, and she’s shared a live video for ‘Worth None’ to celebrate the release (available now via City Slang).

Renowned artist Shlomi Shaban invited Erez to perform a concert with Jerusalem’s Camerata Orchestra in 2018, arranging the tracks with respected orchestrator, Eugene Levitas. The event took place at Tel Aviv’s prestigious Performing Art Center, and was captured on film and recorded for this special release. Together with her partner and co-writer Ori Rousso; Erez’s altruistic vocals are accompanied by exquisite strings and refined, understated percussion on this enigmatic re-working.

Speaking about her new project, Erez explans: “We weren’t looking to change the songs from my debut album, but were seeking to wrap them in a new, brighter gown, that will elevate the existing sounds and give it a shiny and majestic feel.” Listen to ‘Worth None’ below and keep your ears peeled for more new music from Noga Erez later in 2019.

Order Noga Erez’s RADAR Reworked here.

Kate Crudgington

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