Track Of The Day: Ida Wenøe – ‘Another Kind Of Love’

‘Another Kind of Love’ is the new single by Danish Music Award nominee Ida Wenøe. She is a singer-songwriter blending spectral folk sounds with Nordic Noir, conjuring up a surreal landscape where the inner ghosts sing haunting tales of love and loss.  

The song has a simple arrangement with finger-plucked guitar, subtle harmonies and percussion. Its magic is in Wenøe’s clear cut voice, as sharp as a diamond, which to my ears is an instrument in itself, carrying the music with it. The harmonies and dreamy guitar pick up pace as she sings, complementing the song but not overpowering it.

“I have given all I had just to fall” – the loneliness is articulated and resolved as the song unfolds and the memories are left behind. Wenøe’s voice soars with emotion at the turning point, as echoing vocals reverberate on the contrast between hate and love; “I hate to hate, I’d rather wait on love.

Which will we choose…? Trust me, this captivating song will have you in tears by the end. Tears of love, tears of joy; tears at the sheer beauty of it. 

The Things We Don’t Know Yet, the upcoming album from Ida Wenøe, is out 12th April via Integrity Records. 

Fi Ni Aicead

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