Track Of The Day: The Astronots – ‘Settle Down’

‘Settle Down’ is the next release from LA rock trio, The Astronots, which succeeds their 2018 single, ‘How Much Pain’.

Kicking off with a hair-raising, spine-tingling sense of urgency, a floor tom thumps ominously and a bass rumbles, as together they sound like an army marching in unison, before a discordant guitar wavers in with menacing graveyard charm.

Spearhead of the West Coast group, Allee Futterer, graces the track with her feather soft, ghostly vocals. Her voice drifts weightlessly, yet is grounded by the droning bass and tremolo guitar; then, as the sinister guitar riff returns, plunging us into the chorus, an electrifying space of heavenly vocals laced with fizzy synth, pounded by fierce guitar, fills your ears. Meandering between Earth and the cosmic realms, the track becomes a force to be reckoned with, experimenting with ethereal buzzes and muffled radio commentary, all the while rooted by wailing guitar.


Megan Berridge


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