LISTEN: Holy Magick – ‘It’s Your Money (Trivia)’

Holy Magick‘s themes in their latest single ‘It’s Your Money (Trivia)’ are indicative of the money-hungry music industry in the penultimate breaking point artists find themselves in today.

Brighton’s new psychedelic-rock outfit Holy Magick aren’t afraid to “go there” by exploring and exploiting the music machine. Their single, from their upcoming eponymous debut LP, seeps through with hazy riffs and mellow refrains like sun through a beaded curtain. 

Singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch takes the reigns in this single with a soft authority; her cutting lyrics with a sweet delivery are similar to Angel Olsen, but with the backing instrumentation of an of Montreal album circa 2016. Reverb heavy driving guitar accompanies spacey drums and trippy effects to bring a song expertly posed in psych tradition, while rich production glosses over the sound like a glazed urn.

Holy Magick describe their debut album as “a collection of Nihilistic anti-romance ballads.” In a music economy that favours the money over the art, it’s important for groups like Holy Magick to bite back with a track like this. 


Luke Janke


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One thought on “LISTEN: Holy Magick – ‘It’s Your Money (Trivia)’

  1. Hiya, if you enjoy the wonderful Holy Magick, singer/songwriter Siobhan Lynch has another project for your ears.
    Check out Clarence Mubotica 🙂


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