PREMIERE: Maryjo Mattea – ‘A New Normal’

Having been compared to the likes of Alanis Morissette and Jenny Lewis, Washington DC-based artist Maryjo Mattea has previously wowed listeners with her astro-physics inspired last single ‘Forces Of Nature’. Now, she’s back with a brand new offering.

A song about embracing and adapting to change, ‘A New Normal’ is propelled by immense pounding beats and Mattea’s sweeping soulful vocals. Featuring an accompaniment of driving riffs, it’s a luscious and energising slice of infectious pop-rock that soon builds to become a groove-filled, ’90s-infused anthem. A track that’ll be stuck in your ears in an instant, ‘A New Normal’ will demand multiple listens without a doubt.

Of the track, Maryjo explains that it was written about when her old bandmate, Joel Wu, left on a year-long journey around the world and eventually settled down in a different state. Whilst they may still be in a band and see one another, there’s now “a new normal”.

Listen to ‘A New Normal’ for the first time here:


‘A New Normal’ is out tomorrow, 12th April.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Cina Nguyen




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