Track Of The Day: CLT DRP – ‘Speak To My’

CLT DRP‘s ‘Speak To My’ is the ultimate track to put two fingers up to the patriarchy. With punchy instrumentals that complement the attitude-driven and straightforward lyrics, this electro-punk Brighton based band prove themselves to be the future of feminist punk.

Referencing the mother as an inspiring figure, the track addresses rejecting the male gaze and womxm owning their sexuality, irrespective of societal stereotypes. Vocalist Annie plays with different tones and dynamics to deliver a passionate performance, driven by rage, contrasting with a sense of playfulness in certain parts of the song.

The synth-like effects add a certain depth and uniqueness to the guitar sound, while the drums perfectly reinforce the anthemic feel of the song.

CLT DRP are an exciting upcoming band that are definitely going places! Cannot wait to see where their journey takes them!


‘Speak To My’ is out now. And you can catch CLT DRP headlining for us at The Finsbury on 14th June, along with Cryptic Street, Lemondaze and I,Doris.

Janelle Borg

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