Track Of The Day: ARXX – ‘You Got What You Want’

“Unapologetically loud” Brighton duo Hannah Pidduck and Clara Townsend are GIHE faves ARXX. With ‘You Got What You Want’, they deliver an empowering, raging anthem that fuses pure, primal rock ‘n’ roll with a bouncy, pop sensibility.

‘You Got What You Want’ starts with sparse, grungey guitars and quickly builds to a big chorus that’ll get your toes tappin’ and your fists pumping. It feels like a battle cry; a ‘fuck you’ to hopelessness.

It’s a great showcase for Pidduck’s fabulous voice, which effortlessly veers from a rich, throaty growl to full on power-pop. If she were singing for her supper, she’d definitely be bringing home a chippy tea!

While there might only be two of ARXX, ‘You Got What You Want’ proves that they can make a big noise and a massive impact.

‘You Got What You Want’ is out now. Catch ARXX live across the UK throughout September and October, all details here.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Jessie Morgan

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