Track Of The Day: Ski Lift – ‘Comfortable Here’

London’s Ski Lift herald their arrival to our ears with their debut single ‘Comfortable Here’. Comprised of Benji Tranter, Anna Vincent (Heavy Heart) and Jovis Lane (Show Boy), Ski Lift’s debut release offers an angst-driven diatribe railing against the perceived mundanity of adulthood, while simultaneously surrendering to it.

Propelled by jangly hooks and a whirring energy, ‘Comfortable Here’ oozes shades of early noughties emo rock, whilst bringing its own decidedly 2019 poignance, voicing a sentiment that no doubt many 20-somethings will be able to relate to – “Maybe I’m in a rut, but it’s comfortable here…”. With the distinctive, crystalline emotion of Tranter’s vocals alongside the twinkling harmonies of Anna Vincent, it’s an utterly infectious alt-pop anthem for our times; filled with the frustration of the futility of life, yet offering a shining glimmer of optimism.

Listen to ‘Comfortable Here’:


Catch Ski Lift live at their single launch on Friday 20th September at Sister Midnight Records, Deptford.


Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Keira Anee Photography

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