PREMIERE: Saachi Sen – ‘Dark’

Having been a resident artist at Camden’s Roundhouse, and performed at this year’s London Pride event in front of 10,000 people, Mumbai-born, London-grown artist Saachi Sen has now shared her poignant new single.

A song about accepting and celebrating your identity, ‘Dark’ flows with Sen’s beautiful fluid vocals alongside a delicate, twinkling musicality and heartfelt emotion. Building with an impassioned energy, ‘Dark’ showcases this artist’s ability to create stirring alt-pop anthems. Of the track, Sen explains:

From a personal and literal perspective, it’s about my brown skin – but playing it live at events like Pride reminds me that it’s for everyone, whose traits like their race, gender, or sexuality are looked down upon by so many in our society. The song says that though people may treat you differently than others, stereotype you… it’s imperative to remember that who you are is who you are, and you should never apologise for it.

Listen to ‘Dark’, for the first time, below:


‘Dark’ is out tomorrow, 11th October. You can also watch a special live performance of the track here.

Mari Lane

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