VIDEO PREMIERE: Coral – ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’

Expressing a sentiment that many an upset heart can relate to, Swedish newcomer Coral has shared visuals for her new track ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’. The song is a b-side to her recent single ‘Find Me Wrong’, and the video is an intense two minute close-up of the artist silently processing her emotions in the shower.

Coral (aka Miranda Coral Engholm) grew up in Österlen in Sweden, but she originally has roots in Argentina and Stockholm. She began making music after she graduated from high school, and uses her songwriting to explore her own emotions.

Despite its brief duration, ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’ is a poignant reflection on reluctance and divisions in feeling. The track’s sparse nature is reflected in the intimate visuals that accompany it, and the use of trickling water in both video and sound gives the track a tangible quality.

Speaking about her lyricism, Coral explains further: “I like the intimacy of it. Sometimes when I listen to a song, it can feel like a complete stranger is suddenly standing in my living room talking about something really personal. I can feel closely connected to that person even though I’m just listening to a recording…Like someone wrote it in their diary and it just happened to rhyme.”

Coral’s confessional songwriting is sure to strike a chord with tracks like this. Watch the video for ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’ below, and follow Coral on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Ebba G. Ågren

Kate Crudgington

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