EP: Cuntrie – ‘Scrapbooking’

“Everything I write needs to be true, because I don’t like to lie”, confesses Cuntrie (aka Ebba Gustafsson Ågren) about her debut EP, Scrapbooking. Released via Feverish on 22nd January, the Swedish indie musician embraces both the silly and the serious on her first offering under her new moniker.

Best known for fronting Swedish duo Wy, Ågren’s solo work explores more quirky, personal themes through a combination of witty lyrics, sweet vocals, and minimalist synth textures. Opening track ‘Spider’ is an ideal display of this, as she extrapolates about her phobia of a small arachnid over glitchy beats, prompting her to reflect on the deeper fears of losing control, and trying to stay calm.

On the brief ‘Hamster Cancer’, twinkling keys intertwine with ominous synths to help relive the pain left behind by the loss of a beloved pet. It’s a dark subject to lament about, but Cuntrie’s emotive vocals make her reflections feel soft and poignant. “I always thought that you were cool / just wanted to know more about you” she muses on penultimate track ‘The Singer’. Lo-fi beats and lush, longing vocals blend cooly together here, making it one of the strongest tracks on the EP.

Her gentle exploration of toxic masculinity on closing track ‘Oh Boy’ is especially touching. Cuntrie paints a picture with her lyrics of the stereotypical strong, silent man who is afraid to be emotional. With the simple repeated refrain “Men don’t want to fight / they just want to cry”, she effortlessly dismantles these pressures over slow, tentative beats.

Cuntrie’s debut EP certainly has the quality of a scrapbook. It’s a nostalgic, raw, genuine collection of reflections, fears, and anticipations that have a personal, yet universal quality. Her eccentric approach to songwriting makes Scrapbooking a refreshing, truly enjoyable listen.

Cuntrie’s debut EP Scrapbooking is released on 22nd Jan via Feverish.
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Kate Crudgington

VIDEO PREMIERE: Coral – ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’

Expressing a sentiment that many an upset heart can relate to, Swedish newcomer Coral has shared visuals for her new track ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’. The song is a b-side to her recent single ‘Find Me Wrong’, and the video is an intense two minute close-up of the artist silently processing her emotions in the shower.

Coral (aka Miranda Coral Engholm) grew up in Österlen in Sweden, but she originally has roots in Argentina and Stockholm. She began making music after she graduated from high school, and uses her songwriting to explore her own emotions.

Despite its brief duration, ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’ is a poignant reflection on reluctance and divisions in feeling. The track’s sparse nature is reflected in the intimate visuals that accompany it, and the use of trickling water in both video and sound gives the track a tangible quality.

Speaking about her lyricism, Coral explains further: “I like the intimacy of it. Sometimes when I listen to a song, it can feel like a complete stranger is suddenly standing in my living room talking about something really personal. I can feel closely connected to that person even though I’m just listening to a recording…Like someone wrote it in their diary and it just happened to rhyme.”

Coral’s confessional songwriting is sure to strike a chord with tracks like this. Watch the video for ‘You’re Not Worth A Song But You Still Got One’ below, and follow Coral on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Ebba G. Ågren

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Ellen Krauss – ‘Criminal To Love’

Tender vocals and raw guitar sounds underscore Swedish artist Ellen Krauss‘ poignant message about heartbreak on her latest single ‘Criminal To Love’. The track is accompanied by a dramatic new video, which shows Ellen and her friends executing elaborate acts of vandalism on the sunny streets of LA.

“Destructive love is strangely attractive and before you know it, you are in the middle of it” laments Ellen about the concept behind her latest release. It’s a familiar feeling for many who feel they are tangled up in an unequal relationship, but Ellen somehow manages to turn these feelings of inadequacy and weakness in to captivating songs that show her strength as both a songwriter, and a young woman.

The video for the new track is also another example of how Ellen takes a difficult situation, and turns it in to something more manageable. Ellen explains further: “Making the video for ‘Criminal to Love’ was a cool new experience. We shot it in the suburbs of LA, in a torn down liquor store and a staged trailer park. I like the way the film gives the audience behind the scenes footage and an honest view of film-making. Someone’s powdering my nose, and then it cuts to me robbing the cashier. I had lots of fun making this. Throwing eggs at people is not an everyday thing, nor is spray painting for me.”

Ellen will be releasing more music throughout the year, with her first EP currently in the pipeline. For now, we’re content to sit with her new video. Watch the visuals for ‘Criminal To Love’ below, and follow Ellen Krauss on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Cuntrie – ‘The Singer’

Lo-fi beats and lush, longing vocals blend together on ‘The Singer’, the debut single from Cuntrie (aka Ebba Gustafsson Ågren). Ebba is best known for fronting Swedish duo Wy, but under her new moniker she’s exploring different, more personal themes.

Accompanied by a self-directed video, ‘The Singer’ sees Ebba open up to knowing more about herself, and her subject matter. Her intimate lyrics and clear vocal delivery sit comfortably over the visuals of her filming herself, singing in to a variation of mirrors.

Speaking about her new music as Cuntrie, Ebba explains: “A solo project allows me to write about things I never felt fit into what we’re doing with Wy, things like my childhood. I feel like I can experiment a lot more with the themes of the songs. “I’ve wanted to challenge myself in terms of producing and writing for a while now, and this is the result of that.”

We’re definitely on board with Ebba’s new sound. Listen to ‘The Singer’ below and follow Cuntrie on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington