Track Of The Day: Dishpit – ‘Seven’

Foreboding bass lines and snarling vocals fuse together in angst-ridden style on Dishpit‘s latest single ‘Seven’. The track is accompanied by a DIY-style video that shows the band skulking about on the streets and messing around on the subway.

Formed of Nora (vocals/guitar), Jack (drums) and Brianna (bass/backing vocals), Dishpit take their name from the time they spent cleaning away the grease from dirty dishes in the establishment where they first met. It’s a fitting beginning for a band who’s sound is equal parts filthy and melodic.

Their new single ‘Seven’ has been described by Nora as “the most literal track from the album”. It’s about her previous lover who only told her “these things on speed”. Nora’s strung out guitar sounds and elongated groans perfectly reflect the frustration of the situation she found herself in, and Jack & Brianna’s rhythm section mirror the sense of longing and irritation.

We’re big fans of this Montreal-based trio, and we’re looking forward to hearing their debut album – produced by Steve Albini – once it’s fully fleshed out. Watch the video for ‘Seven’ below and follow Dishpit on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: John Johnson

Kate Crudgington

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