Track Of The Day: Tuvaband – ‘Ambiguous Flies’

Having previously received acclaim for her debut album Soft Drop and being named ‘One To Watch’ by The Guardian, Norwegian artist Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser – aka Tuvaband – has now shared intense new single ‘Ambiguous Flies’.

Exploring “the line between passion and insanity”, ‘Ambiguous Flies’ flows with a dark, ethereal energy, propelled by the swirling whirr of guitars and the soaring power of Tuva’s rich vocals. Building with captivating atmospherics, it oozes a sweeping majesty creating a simply spellbinding soundscape. Of the track, Tuva explains:

I wanted a more distorted sound, and live, my band and I really tried to push the boundaries from my released music by moving from stripped down and vulnerable, to trying to sound like a punk/rock band”.

‘Ambiguous Flies’ is out now, with Tuvaband’s upcoming album I Entered The Void set for release on 27th November, both via Brilliance Records. Catch Tuvaband live at The Lexington on 5th February 2020.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Ruben Jacob Fees

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