Track Of The Day: Suzie Stapleton – ‘Thylacine’

With creeping tip toes of its human predator, the Thylacine was hunted slowly and
strategically leading to the animal’s ultimate distinction. In Brighton based artist Suzie Stapleton’s new single of the same name, listeners are taken into an eerie world where the vulnerability of being prey is floating in the air.

Rolling drums and adventurous riffs paint a sonic landscape where one can nearly picture the “ancient footprints in the snow.” The disposition of the track has a certain hollowness, conjuring a gloomy winter landscape where Stapleton’s captivating gritty vocals can echo on eternally.

The eye of the storm hits in a dark manner across every chorus, allowing for one
word to hold a majestic, haunting depth all on its own. The weight and turmoil of ‘Thylacine’ feels huge.

The single begs the nervous question “who is the next Thylacine?”,  proposing a political reflection through the fear and confusion expressed lyrically and instrumentally. In our surrounding world, are we the predators or prey?


‘Thylacine’ is out now. It’s taken from Suzie Stapleton’s upcoming debut album We Are The Plague, set for release next Spring.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jeff Pitcher


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