Track Of The Day: Post Louis – ‘Descender’

With a wry yet curious instrumental progression, London Art-Rockers Post Louis shuffle their way into groovy ears with their new single ‘Descender’. Teaming dreamy folk guitar riffs with elusive vocals and a sense of reflection,the band host a dejavu-like experience with the title track of their upcoming album. 

“Hold tight to anyone…”, Stephanie Davin’s spiralling vocals echo across a trail of rummaging instruments. It is here where the desperation of ‘Descender’ begins to paint its melancolic display. The story of someone’s emotional survival dances across the entire track, taking shape in lyrics and a floating choir of string instruments.

Midway through the song’s duration, whispy strings, fading vocals and glossy guitar cultivate together resulting in a captivating whirlwind of emotions. The sensitive tension of the mix becomes its own ‘Descender’ and concludes the piece’s inward questions and audacious alt-folk sounds.

Ending in a fluttering dreamscape, ‘Descender’ tucks its listeners into bed with its soft runoff of strings and lullaby whispers.

‘Descender’ is a lively, transformative adventure that showcases the versatility and profoundness of Post Louisapproach to songwriting. And I’m sure the band have a brilliant new experience for their listeners in their anticipated debut album of the same name.


Descender, the debut album from Post Louis, is out 28th February.

Jillian Goyeau

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