Premiere: Ennieloud – ‘The Best I Can’

Having previously charmed us with the swirling energy of previous single ‘In My Room’, London band Ennieloud are back with a bewitching new single.

A poignant reflection on the twin poles of femininity, ‘The Best I Can’ oozes a soulful, upflifting groove alongside immersive throbbing basslines and the deep, impassioned power of front woman Cassandra’s spellbinding vocals. A musically rich soundscape, offering an empowering and sincere expression of inner strength in the face of adversity. Of the track, the band explain:

“It’s about the remarkable inner power and resilience of women, taking the form of a dialogue between the strong and the weak in all of us. Even if we feel so fragile sometimes, we have a great inner strength that can guide us to our dreams. Dream and be strong!”

Listen to ‘The Best I Can’, for the first time, here:

‘The Best I Can’ is out 24th January

Mari Lane


See EnnieLoud live

Feb 27th, The Finsbury, London N4

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