Track Of The Day: Bad Honey – ‘Circles’

With hypnotically smooth vocals and a dainty yet crisp soundscape, London duo Bad Honey host an ethereal world in their new single ‘Circles’.

Bubbling percussion layered over stirring lyrics has “its own flow and takes it slow” in a way that feels just right leading up to the song’s enticing pre-chorus. This warm buildup pays off immediately with a sing-along chorus that is glossy and so earnest lyrically. Here, Bad Honey create a beautifully produced experience that still feels so raw because of their compelling emotional disposition.

‘Circles’ feels like an affectionate and intimate conversation between lovers or friends. “We fight together, we build strength from each other” says it all in this loving promise of a song. Bad Honey have truly touched upon a sweet sounding destination that is soulful and anthem-like with their catchy and alluring melodies. A comforting and gorgeous groove that’ll leave you hungry for more of Bad Honey’s sweet sweet sounds. 


Jillian Goyeau

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