Track Of The Day: HMS Morris – ‘Babanod’

In a mesmerizingly glitchy new tune, Welsh psychedelia-smiths HMS Morris bring their listeners on an ethereal journey in ‘Babanod’.

With a swirling slow build at the song’s start, HMS Morris gracefully casts a spell made of warm synths and a pulsing back-beat that feels anthemic from the moment the haunting vocals begin. The mood established here is both adventurous and relaxing, providing a soundscape that can just as easily be danced to or studied to.

Branching across several sonic moods creates a captivating and accessible track, impossible to pigeon-hole into one genre. ‘Babanod’ has such rich tones impending from their entire instrumental mix, from explosive breaks at each chorus to dwelling atmospheres that linger throughout its verses, with dynamics playing a huge role in the soaring psychedelic sound. The never-ending layers of synth and a tasty use of sonic space is reminiscent of shoegaze but with a whisper of ’80s pop in its melodies throughout.

HMS Morris’ knowledge and creativity within the electronic-psych genre is expansive and satisfying. ‘Babanod’ is an odyssey that feels like an exciting exploration of self.

‘Babanod’ is out now via Bubblewrap Collective.

Jill Goyeau

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