Track Of The Day: TOPS – ‘Colder & Closer’

In anticipation of their fourth full length record, Montreal rockers TOPS debut a shimmering new single and music video for ‘Colder & Closer’.

With an atmospheric and dewy soundscape, TOPS showcase a sophisticated and emotive arrangement that is just as groovy as it is lean. With shades of retro ’80s pop and the crispness of modern dream-pop, ‘Colder & Closer’ is a treat to the ears both in its melodies and production. The tone of this single seems to live in the breath of its perfectly decaying delays and echoing reverbs.

TOPS have done a compelling job to musically illustrate the whirlwind of emotions discussed in their lyrics by meticulously mirroring human emotions in every layer of this track.

While alluding to the irony of social distancing and physical closeness to others (a particularly poignant theme right now), TOPS creates a “slip into nostalgia” for listeners with feelings of hesitation met with an eagerness to love throughout the song’s narrative. Nowhere are these thematic perspectives of loneliness discussed explicitly, rather they are implied throughout – seeping from the song’s chilling vocals to the groaning synths.

TOPS have truly elaborated on the artform of their genre in ‘Colder & Closer’ and set a powerful standard for their upcoming LP I Feel Alive.

Directed by Mashie Alam, watch the new video for ‘Colder & Closer’ here:

I Feel Alive, the upcoming album from TOPS, is out 3rd April via Musique TOPS.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Justin Aranha

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