Track Of The Day: HMS Morris – ‘Poetry’

‘Poetry’, the new single from Welsh electronic-psych band HMS Morris, tackles the frequently written about subject of unrequited love in a uniquely refreshing way. The song reflects the sliding scale of madness that results from unreciprocated, obsessive love in quite a candid manner.

Beginning with some light-hearted, hypothetical quasi-stalking, singer Heledd Watkins then moves through self-criticism, recrimination, and finally a full-on banshee-wail of desperation. All the while, ’70s-esque guitar and layers of almost operatic backing vocals swell behind her, building and building to great effect. This talented group of musicians somehow manage to get the balance of retro psychedelia and forward-thinking electronics just right.

Structurally, the track was designed to be a ‘Bolero’ for the modern ages, packing the build-up of sound that ‘Bolero’ composer Maurice Ravel spent close to twenty minutes building, into a punchy four-and-a-half-minute single.


‘Poetry’ is out now on Cardiff based Bubblewrap records. The band were due to play a series of shows this summer, so keep an eye out for rescheduled dates.

Ellie Ball


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