Track Of The Day: ECKOES – ‘The Light’

Having performed at the likes of Glastonbury and All Points East, and now signed to Goldie MBE’s new record label, London based artist ECKOES has now shared her latest single ‘The Light’

‘The Light’ is a delight in contradiction – crunchy and aggressive 8-bit style drum beats break against ECKOES’s smooth, fragile voice. Strobing synths and twinkling guitars lull you into a state of hypnosis only to be interrupted by a crashing cacophony, bringing to mind spaceships dropping from the sky in the classic video game Space Invaders. This is what it feels like to have your life fall apart. I wrote this at a time when my life as I knew it had imploded…” says ECKOES of ‘The Light’; her constant refrain, “I wait”, evokes that feeling of not knowing where to go, waiting for a sign from the heavens, in this truly captivating soundscape. 

The single’s accompanying video is set on the edge of the world whilst dancer and choreographer Liza Van Der Smissen moves through ‘The Light’ in a beautifully choreographed contemporary dance piece as ECKOES, dressed in black veils, stands stoically as a haunting figure in the background. 

‘The Light’ is available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music. 

Aisha Kasmir

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