Track Of The Day: Nuala Honan – ‘Head Undone’

‘Head Undone’ is the second single from Bristol-based, Australia-born, independent artist, Nuala Honan’s second album, which launches later this year. It marks a creative evolution for the former acoustic folk artist, and is an excellent representation of the dynamics and power punk sound of her new live band. 

With Nuala’s usual excellent storytelling, the song channels childhood memories associated with fears of going under anaesthetic, and triggered by a family trip to the Great Barrier Reef. 

Punk-metal guitars lead into a recreation of the anaesthetic, before the fast pace mirrors the chaos, as her fears run rampant.

The start-stop rhythm of the guitars is reminiscent of Nirvana whilst the bridge of the song slows to a dreamy pace, before creating a hazy, buzzing soundscape. Then the guitars seem take off like birds, a beautiful launch into a revived picking up of pace, before a cathartic solo leads to a climactic clash of drums and guitars brings the song to a satisfying end. Honan’s fears are brilliantly replayed in ‘Head Undone’ by her powerful voice, the energy of the thrashing guitars and drums, and the mystical vivid imagery of birds. 

If YOUR head is undone in these strange times, then the cathartic angst-driven beauty of this song is exactly what is needed!

Watch the homemade new video for ‘Head Undone’ now:

Listen to ‘Head Undone’ on Soundcloud and Spotify. And catch Nuala Honan live online for her single launch gig on 28th April – 7pm on Facebook Live, and 8pm on Instagram.

Fi Ni Aicead

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