Track Of The Day: Macon Heights – ‘Wake Up (The War Machine)’

Scottish duo, Macon Heights, follow up their debut single ‘The Line’ from 2018 with a perfect song for the quarantine times. 

In ‘Wake Up (The War Machine)’, Macon Heights ask us to imagine a dystopian future where all is lost and the sound of war is ever present. Singer Carrie Beattie’s fragile voice tells us time is askew, rain is constantly falling, and there’s nothing left. Set to minimalistic driving synths and beats, Alexis Beattie’s sound design adds in hypnotic fills and ornamentation. The song culminates in industrial distortions signalling the titular War Machine tearing down everything in sight. 

With a nod to ’80s films and music, ‘Wake Up”s music video starts with a 1984-esque logo sequence and Carrie’s wary and confused eyes taking in the destruction offscreen. The duo toggles between light and dark moods as barcodes and geometric graphics are overlayed across their faces. 

A truly beguiling, and perfectly poignant, soundscape for these dark times.

‘Wake Up (The War Machine)’ is available on Bandcamp and Spotify now.

Aisha Kasmir

Photo Credit: Erin Culley

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