Track Of The Day: DEHD – ‘Loner’

After touring Europe with Twin Peaks last year, Chicago’s DEHD are coming to the international stage for the first time. This week the trio announced their new album Flower Of Devotion alongside killer lead track ‘Loner’.

‘Loner’ examines lead singer Emily Kempf’s need for isolation and time to focus on herself, following the band’s recent extensive touring period. Rather than focusing on the negative, ‘Loner’ speaks to the often cyclical nature of life. It’s a theme that runs throughout the album; at every turn, sadness is countered by joy, joy is tempered by sadness. Explaining this theme, Emily says:

“Being alone and grieving is very isolating… but then you come out of your little cave of grief, and your friends and family and partner are all there to pat you on the back and hold you until you have to go back into the cave of grief alone.”

Accepting your own need for isolation, especially during hard times can be liberating. A bittersweet sentiment we can all get behind at the moment.

‘Loner’ certainly provides us with a more polished sound than any of the tracks on the band’s 2019 debut Water, but it still packs the same raw edge that fans have come to expect from the trio. Emily Kempf’s vocal cuts through as distinctive and gritty as ever, backed up by spirited guitar and pulsating drums.

The accompanying video is a trip. Directed by Kempf with collaborator Ryan Hart and shot on location in Joshua Tree, and at beloved Chicago venue The Hideout, the video is a highly surreal clip and well worth a watch.

DEHD’s upcoming new album Flower of Devotion is set for release 17th July via Fire Talk, and is available to pre-order now.

Ellie Ball

Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

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