Track Of The Day: All Cats Are Beautiful – ‘wishin i cld fit in ur backpack’

Ow, my heart! If, like most of us, you’re missing someone, All Cats Are Beautiful’s ‘Wishin I cld fit in ur bckpck’ could be the song you need right now. Written at the start of the pandemic about how the band were “already missing each other wildly” after quarantining separately, it’s a beautifully dreamy song about love, longing and friendship.

Clips of personal calls, as well as chopped up drum samples, field recordings and sounds from previous sessions, punctuate the band’s confessional, lo-fi vocals and slow, woozy beats. The result is intimate, immersive and utterly authentic – kind of reminiscent of Coco Rosie.

The wonderfully imaginative chorus, about taking a ride in your friend’s backpack so you can go wherever they go, is even cuter than the band’s name. And what makes it even richer is knowing that the harmonies were actually recorded in isolation by the band and their friends. Melancholic and totally beautiful, it shows that you can create wonderful things together, even when you’re apart.


‘Wishin I cld fit in ur backpack’ is out today on Peapod Recs.

Vic Conway

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