WATCH: Siv Disa – ‘Fear’

New York based singer-songwriter Siv Disa has now shared her latest single, ‘Fear’ – an escape artist’s ponderings on intimacy.

Disa sings confidentially in laid-back vocals about her aversion to intimacy, both revealing and repelling us. She likes things just a little bit out of reach, a little bit undecided otherwise she’d have to take a risk; asking “is that fear?” in the chorus, telling us she doesn’t like to think about that too much.

The up-close-and-personal lyrics are accompanied by mellow analog synths and beats that lull you into a false sense of security, creating a glistening majestic soundscape. 

In the video, Disa is literally running away from us in barren, snow-driven fields. We never see her face except in overexposed over-the-shoulder glances towards a car’s high beams.

‘Fear’ is out now via Trapped Animal Records.

Aisha Kasmir

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