Track Of The Day: Fräulein – ‘Drag Behind’

Having only recently come across Fräulein, through seeing them perform a stripped back ‘live’ set for Hanni from ARXX’s Coming Out Staying In festival back in April, I’m already a big fan of the Bristol duo’s raw, visceral sound.

Oozing a captivating dark energy, ‘Drag Behind’ is propelled by the gritty power of Joni’s raw sweeping vocals, as abrasive, grunge-infused hooks steadily build an increasing tension with the help of Karsten’s immense beats. With shades of the mysterious allure of underrated ’90s band Slint, Fräulein have created a dark anthem seething with its own unique spellbinding majesty.

A new favourite for sure, in ‘normal’ times, I’d be booking Fräulein for a gig with us at The Finsbury as soon as possible, but for now I will have to settle for listening to ‘Drag Behind’ on repeat, and dreaming of the day I can witness their dark energy live in a room full of sweaty fans.


‘Drag Behind’ is out today via Bandcamp, with 100% of proceeds going to The Black Curriculum.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: @amiaocean

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