Re-Covered: Sally-Anne’s Illustrated Favourite Albums

If you’re anything like us, throughout Lockdown you may have been seeking refuge in some of your favourite records, perhaps rediscovering some old classics along the way. So, for this new feature, illustrator Sally-Anne Hickman re-imagines her favourite ten albums of all time by painting their covers in her own unique style, using watercolours.

Check out the seventh of Sally-Anne’s choices below, and keep your eyes peeled for the last few over the next couple of weeks…

Lunachicks- Pretty Ugly
This fearsome group of all female punk rockers hail from New York City where they began blasting riffs in the late 1980s. I discovered this album as a teenager and was immediately hooked by the pop culture references, obscenities and choppy punk guitars. It’s another band I wanted to be in, they seemed such a tight knit bunch of musicians that promoted feminism through having fun and being bold, all whilst being in a kick-ass punk rock band covered in glitter.

Sally-Anne Hickman

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