Track Of The Day: All Things Blue – ‘Dicking Around’

In a swanky, dream-punk manner, LA based All Things Blue create a lush and infatuating soundscape in their new atmospheric single ‘Dicking Around’.

Fusing together elements of alt-pop and experimental art-rock, All Things Blue curate a unique tone that reflects a mature essence with shades of Angel Olsen or Mitski. Front woman India Coombs chills this track with vocals that echo with mystery and fullness. This powerful inflection that India so precisely provides is a lovely juxtaposition against the song’s floating and spacious instrumental. There is as much grounding as there is soaring in ‘Dicking Around’, and that is what makes it so immersive.

“Where’s my mind?”, wonders the track. As listeners swirl with the psychedelic guitars and steady dampened percussion, this tune becomes the perfect backdrop for a roadtrip through the desert or a low-lit shindig. All Things Blue build their presence as ‘Dicking Around’ goes on – fluttering into a soundscape that celebrates transition and uncertainty, it’s an anthem for losing ourselves and being okay with it, a moment of giving ourselves a break from an ever spinning world. 

‘Dicking Around’ is out now, listen Spotify. And Get Bit, the debut album from All Things Blue, is out 23rd October.

Jillian Goyeau

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