Track Of The Day: Tiger Mimic – ‘Where The Fire Used To Be’

In a dazzling new energetic single, London rockers Tiger Mimic give us something stellar to remember them by. With invigorating garage rock tones and poetic vocals, ‘Where The Fire Used To Be’ places the fierceness of bands like Metric and Arctic Monkeys alongside the softness of Jess R’s vocal parts that embody a sweet sonic release. With whispers of psychedelic guitar and the tendency to simulate the loud, quiet, loud effect of ’90s rock, ‘Where The Fire Used To Be’ has a mature sophistication and sense of nostalgia to it, with shades of The Pixies or The Cranberries. 

Tiger Mimic keep the pace moving with a change in tempo halfway through the single, creating a cathartic moment that explodes into a lustral instrumental jam that characterises the discussion behind the track’s lyrics. “The golden glow of the fall” is surely reflected in the band’s musicality and skill to drive their instruments at a climax, and then elegantly pull back to create space and juxtaposition. 

In a society where we have experienced so many trials and tribulations over the last few months, Tiger Mimic’s energy serves as both a purgative and therapeutic narrative for their listeners. Someday soon, “the whole world will start over in the spring” and we will reflect on ‘Where The Fire Used To Be’.


Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Robert Alleyne

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