LISTEN: Total Rubbish – ‘Honey Ryder’

The name’s Rubbish, Total Rubbish, and they’re a Philadelphia-based trio who craft grungy-yet-poppy guitar tunes about everything from “Bond Girls” to odd-end jobs. Their debut single ‘Honey Ryder’ shares its name with the first ever Bond Girl featured in the 1962 film Dr. No, and the band describe it as an ode to “the first babe in a long line of babes.”

Formed of Bre Steinfeldt (bass), Cass Nguyen (guitar) and Kiki Schiller (drums), Total Rubbish recently signed to Born Losers Records to release their upcoming record, Triple Negative on the 20th September. ‘Honey Ryder’ is lifted from the EP, and it’s a sweet taste of the band’s talent for combining melodic vocals with dense, swirling riffs.

Inspired by the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Veruca Salt and the Velvet Underground, the ironically named Total Rubbish are ready to deliver their bittersweet take on disappointing relationships, new beginnings and historical babes with their upcoming EP. Listen to ‘Honey Ryder’ below and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify for more updates.

Photo Credit: Caro Ramirez

Kate Crudgington

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