Track Of The Day: Nervous Twitch – ‘Keeping Faith In Something’

Having previously charmed us live at The Finsbury (sigh, those were the days) with their sunny, sparkling charm, Leeds trio Nervous Twitch have now announced the release of their fourth album, following 2017’s I Won’t Hide. 

Taken from the album, new single ‘Keeping Faith In Something’ fuses together upbeat rockabilly vibes with a racing Riot Grrrl power. Oozing vibrant ’50s-inspired melodies alongside wacky, whirring synth-pop hooks and a fuzz-filled colourful energy, it’s an instantly catchy offering, propelled by a frenzied joyous spirit. Guaranteed to brighten these chilly Autumn days, ‘Keeping Faith In Something’ offers a spot-on anti-capitalist message of impending doom, coated in a vibrant, uptempo musicality and glossy, punk-fuelled groove. Of the track, the band explain:

Sometimes it feels as though society pins materialistic hopes and goals on life and you are judged for having alternative motives. But we are all running our own race, and sometimes cannot control the route we take.


‘Keeping Faith In Something’, along with B-side ‘Something To Look Forward To’, is out now via Reckless Yes.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Roz Doherty

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