Omni Sound Project to host online conference Signal Gain

The Omni Sound Project exists to help marginalized genders in the music industry learn the skills they need to create, record, and produce music and sound. On Saturday, November 7th, they will be hosting an educational conference called Signal Gain, a full day event which will be held online. The teachers and presenters are all female-identifying and gender non-conforming individuals who share Omni’s mission to encourage inclusion of marginalized genders in the music and audio industries.

The event will be sponsored by Mix with the MastersGoodhertz and PreSonus. You can register for Signal Gain here.

Below are a few distinctions & more info about Signal Gain.

  • The sessions are educational classes with a structured curriculum. Many online conferences feature interviews or demos by sponsors, but Omni’s conference emphasizes a focus on planned educational content.
  • All genders are invited. Omni believe that male-identifying allies benefit from being in educational spaces where they may be in the minority, and that their presence raises their awareness of their role in making all spaces more inclusive.
  • Omni’s presenters are chosen for their teaching experience, not necessarily because of name recognition. Many online conference feature panelists without prior teaching experience. Omni believe that a presenters’ ability to convey information effectively results in a valuable online conference.

Visit the Omni Sound Project website for more information.

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