Track Of The Day: Boarder – ‘Strangers’

A riotous garage-rock tune inspired by the characters frontwoman Lucie Blair encountered while working behind a busy city-centre bar, Boarder have shared their latest single ‘Strangers’. Released via Amateur Pop Incorporated, the track probes at the way strangers often use bar staff as unofficial therapists after they’ve had a few too many, and how female staff are more prone to taking on this emotional labour.

“‘Strangers’ feels almost symbolic of the times we’re living in” explains Blair, even though the track was penned before the current covid-19 pandemic. “It’s a song I wrote while working in a bar on minimum wage & contemplating what it really means to be alive.” The Leicester-based band explore these contemplations via distorted riffs and crashing percussion, with Blair venting her frustrations through her sardonic vocals.

‘Strangers’ is the first track Boarder have produced by themselves, with the swaggering guitars and pounding drums reflecting the shifting moods of the drunken characters the song is based on. As Blair notes, it’s hard to feel “alive” or even nostalgic for this old way of life in 2020, when leaving the house “could mean the difference between life and death.” Let’s hope when things are genuinely safe again, bar staff won’t have to keep mopping up after customers who continuously spill their thoughts.

Listen to ‘Strangers’ below and follow Boarder on bandcamp, Spotify & Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Shyla Rose

Kate Crudgington

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