LISTEN: H A Z E – ‘King’

A cinematic soundscape about emotional independence, H A Z E (aka Hazel Smith) has shared her debut single ‘King’. The track, which was co-arranged by collaborator and guitarist Jamal Aggoun, blends acoustic guitars and electronic sounds to form a beguiling backdrop against which H A Z E explores the power dynamics that come with reaching for self autonomy.

Formerly the lead singer of rock band D’Haze, Smith now performs under the H A Z E moniker and has shifted to a dark-pop, electronic focused sound. On ‘King’, her clear vocals float above brooding guitars and hazy electronics, with her mantra-like lyrics encouraging empowerment and self-rule.

H A Z E will be releasing a video to accompany the single on 16th November, directed by Lawra EB. The visuals follow the narrative of a queen falling into madness. Listen to ‘King’ below and follow H A Z E on Spotify, FacebookInstagram for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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