Track Of The Day: Middle Kids – ‘R U 4 ME?’

Like a wash of fulfillment that brushes your cheeks as you run through a field of wildflowers, Middle Kids’ ‘R U 4 Me?’ is an instant holiday. With a nostalgic groove that breathes with a contemporary sigh, Middle Kids have chiseled out a mastery of a sound for themselves that covers so much ground.

Vocalist Hannah Joy enthrals swirling emotions with her warm melodies and pondering lyrics that discuss the ways in which we talk to one another. Tone is everything, and ‘R U 4 Me?’ embodies the ease that we should grant each other through the comfort of their harmonious mix.

Perky acoustic guitar and samples of candid laughter sprinkle the indie-pop anthem with personal moments and shed a light on the chemistry between the band members. It is evident that this trio know how to play off of each other in the best way, without even thinking about it for a moment. Earnestness is the backbone of Middle Kids’ character and it shows. ‘R U 4 Me?’ is a communal experience and something that should be held so close at this time. Middle Kids are undeniably the escape the world deserves right now.

‘R U 4 Me?’ is out now via Lucky Number Records. Listen on Spotify.

Jillian Goyeau

Photo Credit: Daphne Nguyen

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