Track Of The Day: Lizzy Laurance – ‘Famous’

Ahead of the release of her upcoming debut album, innovative sound artist Lizzy Laurance has now shared new single ‘Famous’.

Reflecting on themes of masculinity and power, ‘Famous’ offers an intriguing ethereal soundscape. Propelled by Laurance’s soaring rich vocals and a twinkling majesty, alongside a backdrop of unsettling found sounds and a whirring energy, it’s a magnificent cacophony. A poignant work of sound art that’ll captivate with its exquisite obscure allure. Of the track, Laurance explains:

“It’s written largely from the perspective of a man who stalked me while I was staying on the boat [in Copenhagen] last summer. He had this delusionthat I was hanging around public libraries with the sole aim of trying to seduce him. I wrote this song, in part, about the version of me that he had in his mind. It’s also about other things as well though, like … what perpetuates toxic masculinity when it’s so obvious that no one benefits? Or, why, as a society, do we keep falling in love with bad men?”


‘Famous’ is out now, taken from Lizzy Laurance’s upcoming debut album, Rocketman.

Mari Lane

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