Track Of The Day: Tamara – ‘Slow’

In a delicate lullaby of warm and simple guitar paired with silky vocals, Oxford artist Tamara serves us nostalgia and comfort in her second single ‘Slow’. Touching on the lightest elements of indie-folk and the subtle memories its sound brings forth, Tamara shares her own story while leaving room for imagination and relatability. It is with the most gentle melodies that Tamara provides a moment of reflection and hopefulness. 

Compelling acoustic guitar riffs quickly come and go dancing around the intent of Tamara’s vocals, only sounding when just right. Images of the sky seem to float by graciously – “I feel safe when the moon guides me back and the clouds still softly moving…” – and leave her listeners soothed. As smooth as Tamara’s vocals are, she delivers them with a raspy quality that peaks through just enough to be reminiscent of Metric’s Emily Haines. 

The minimal instrumental appears to be the ideal range for Tamara’s vocal tone to shine in a natural way, with a sound that is so gorgeous it needs only a single guitar as an accompaniment. ‘Slow’ gives the impression that there is much more in store for her audience when it comes to elegant tunes mixed with emotive lyrics. 


Jillian Goyeau

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