LISTEN: CMAT – ‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy Baby’ (Acoustic Version)

A wonderfully stripped-back rendition of her recent single, Irish pop star CMAT has shared a beautiful acoustic version of ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!’. Delivered with the same charm and melancholy as the original, CMAT’s captivating vocals soar above Americana-inspired guitar as she laments about urban isolation and wanting to be free from patriarchal shackles.

“[The song is] based around a VINE that was really popular from a couple of years ago of a load of guys drinking cans outside in a playground saying “I wanna be a cowboy baby!,” CMAT explained to us when we spoke to her about the single in September (read the full interview here). Much like her previous singles ‘Another Day (kfc)’ and ‘Rodney’ – an ode to Rodney Dangerfield – CMAT has a talent for taking obscure scenarios and molding them into intensely relatable, catchy pop tunes.

“Always the cowboy, never the cow / I hate the way my life turned out” she confesses during the song, her candid lyrics softened by the gentle twang of her acoustic guitar. Like most women, CMAT just wants to exist with the confidence of a cowboy, unafraid to down a whiskey at the bar and stagger home safely. “Wanna go to my first rodeo, what’s that cracked up to be? / I wanna stop relying on men who are bigger than me” she sings, pining for the freedom that’s naturally afforded to men, but rarely extended to women.

Knowing that CMAT is challenging these “norms” while providing us with a stellar soundtrack at the same time is making our 2020 slightly more bearable. We’re hopeful that one day soon we’ll meet her at the bar, where we can respectfully tilt our cowboy hats in her direction after she’s finished singing this sweet tune.

Listen to the acoustic version of ‘I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!’ below.


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Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

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