Track Of The Day: Dream Nails – ‘Lonely Star’ (Christmas Song)

The gift that keeps on giving, feminist punks Dream Nails have shared their joyful new Christmas single ‘Lonely Star’. Dedicated to those who may be feeling isolated or alone at this time of year – especially their LGBTQ fans – it’s a poignant punk-infused offering designed to lift everyone’s spirits and raise money for The Outside Project, the UK’s first LGBTIQ+ Crisis/Homeless Shelter.

“This Christmas is going to be a bit different from the usual,” explains guitarist Anya Pearson. “So, we wrote a Christmas song that sends strength and love to anyone finding this time of year particularly tough, especially those who are LGBT or struggling with acceptance and support at home. We see you, we’re here for you and we love you!”

The single is accompanied by a DIY video that shows the band having lolz while recording the track and sporting some lovely Christmas jumpers. “With government failures to respond to the pandemic adequately, we feel strongly about raising money for The Outside Project,” bassist Mimi Jasson adds. You can donate to the organisation by downloading ‘Lonely Star’ from the band’s bandcamp page here. Dream Nails’ values aren’t seasonal – “We see you this Christmas! / We see you the whole year through!” – and their continuous efforts to energise and support their communities is something us GIHE grrrls are always in awe of.

The four piece will be playing ‘Lonely Star’ live for the first time during their special live-streamed Feministmas gig on 6th December (ticket info here.) “After another lockdown near the holidays where we can’t physically come together, it’s important for us to have a space where we can keep in touch as a global punk community!” Mimi explains, so join in if you can!

Listen to ‘Lonely Star’ below.

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